Josephine Hague


Josephine makes birds based on humming birds and pheasants. The birds are sculpted from a lightweight material and then carefully collaged with selected Japanese and vintage fabrics. Every bird is unique and involves a slow meticulous process to complete.

The birds are perched on painted branches decorated with paper flowers and set into a bespoke wooden case. The panel behind the birds is mirrored glass to allow the viewer to see more of the detail in the birds in the reflection and gives the piece a light airy quality. Displaying them in this way also protects them from dust and damage. The case is designed to be mounted on to a wall.

Josephine Hague studied Illustration at Brighton University where she moved in to model making and animation to answer briefs.

She has worked making props for the theatre and in the model making department of Aardman Animations in Bristol.

The birds came about when she was asked to create a window display for the leather designer Bill Amberg. Josephine currently sells her work through exhibition and private commissions.